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  • How much does Camp M.A.S.H. cost for me to send my camper?

    • Camp MASH is offered at NO COST to our families.  Through a partnership of several organizations and through the generous support of several individuals, families, and businesses, we have been able to continue to offer this camp week experience to families without having to add additional expenses to them.  Our camp families incur great costs throughout the year with medicines, doctor visits, and trips to see specialists.  We are so grateful that we can offer this at no cost and truly hope we can continue to do this moving forward.

  • Is transportation provided to and/or from the start and/or the end of camp?

    • We DO NOT provide transportation for campers to camp or home from camp.  In years past there have been times when a bus was provided as an option for some families.  While we know that this might be helpful for some of our campers and their families, we are not able to provide this at this time.  We are happy to help try and coordinate families with other campers who live in the same area to help with transportation if possible.  And some of our families do this regularly and it has become a tradition for them that adds to the camp week experience.

  • What do I do about all my camper's medications?

    • We are truly blessed to have nurses, nurse practitioners, and doctors come and manage our "Med Shed" and take care of all the medical related issues during our camp week.  They serve and care for many of our campers and families year round and give their time and expertise to us all during the camp week.  They will take care of all your camper's medications.  You just bring them in their original containers and they will take care of the rest.

  • Can I mail letters and/or packages to my camper during the camp week?

    • Yes you can.  You simply mail it to our camp week address listed above and we will make sure your camper recieves it.  NOTE: It takes an additional day or two for us to receive the mail and packages that you send so please make sure you send it either earlier in the week or even at the end of the week prior to ensure that your camper gets it before leaving.

  • What age do you have to be to be a volunteer? a counselor?

    • To be a full counselor, you need to be at least 18 years of age to be considered.  We do have a Junior Counselor program that some younger applicants may be considered for, but that is on a rare, case-by-case, basis.  To be a volunteer, we typically start at 13 years old, depending on the volunteer and their role.  Most often, volunteers are 15 and older.  For more details please contact our Camp Director.

  • Can parents/grandparents/siblings volunteer at camp?

    • Our general policy is that parents and grandparents are NOT allowed to be volunteers.  Simply put, it changes the dynamic for that camper and for really all involved.  We have had siblings, cousins, etc., serve as counselors and volunteers from time to time and encourage that when possible.  As with everything else, on a case-by-case basis, having family members of campers at camp can be considered, just know that the experience of the camper is our primary focus.

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