Help Support Camp M.A.S.H.

Camp M.A.S.H. would not exist without the support of so many companies, families, and individuals who support us both finaicially and with other resources to help make this "The Best Week of the Year."  We cannot thank these sponors and supporters enough for all they do for us and for our campers.  We hope that you will take some time to see who our sponsors and supporters are.  We also hope that you will do your part in helping us thank these folks.  If it is an individual or family that you know, we hope you will take a minute and let them know how much you appreciate them being involved with us at Camp M.A.S.H.  If it is a company, we hope you will thank them by supporting their company and using their products/services.

If you are interested in supporting Camp M.A.S.H., we would love to find ways for you to do just that.  Please contact the Camp Director, Michael Schultz, and he will be happy to talk with you about getting you involved as a supportter of Camp M.A.S.H.  Also, a special thank you to Tanya Crawford, who works so hard each year to help us connect with our exisiting supporters and sponsors as well as finding new folks to get involved in supporting all we do at Camp M.A.S.H.


Michael Schultz, Camp Director




  • Davis and Debbie Pilot

  • E. Grace Pilot

  • Allen and Daphne Fonde

  • Curtis and Dawn Pilot

  • Rodney and Jeanna Pilot

  • Tanya and Jeff Crawford

  • Mayor Sandy Stimpson

  • Allstate/Pilot, Richardson, TX

  • Adjusters Give Back, Mobile/Dallas

  • Amy Johnston

  • Gentry Forms

  • David and Amenia Tressler

  • Glen and Karen Kimberlin

  • Wilma Brown

  • Chuck and Terri Ann Jones

  • Tom and Bernadette Adams

  • Doug Knolls

  • Keith and Michelle Shakleford

  • Michael & Rawleen Knowles

  • John Hetherly