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Join the Camp M.A.S.H. Family

There are a number of ways to get involved with Camp M.A.S.H.  Please look at each of the options listed below to see where you might best fit in and where you might feel most confortable serving.  While all the areas of involvement are important and needed, it is the counselors that we most need each year to make this camp truly what it is.  Please consider giving a week of your year to being a counselor with our amazing campers.  You won't reget it!


If you have any additional questions about any of these ways to get involved with Camp M.A.S.H. or if you aren't sure what role would be best for you, please contact our Camp Director, Michael Schultz, and he will be happy to assist you.  You will find that we are very flexible with anyone who wants to be involved with our camp.  We believe our campers and camper families are the best and we want to give everyone the opportunity to get to see just how amazing they are!

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2024 Forms
Counselor Packing List

Being a counselor for Camp M.A.S.H. will be one of the most fun and rewarding experiences of your year, truly of your life!  More than anything else, being a M.A.S.H. counselor means having fun with your campers and with your fellow counselors.  Our counselors work in teams under the direction of a head counselor for each team.  And we can promise you that since we are committed to our campers having the best week of their year, that we are also committed to you having the best week of your year!  We will do everything we can to set you up for a great week.  And the relationships you build with your campers and the other counselors will last long past the close of camp each year.  Being a counselor requires you committing to being at camp all week long, staying with your campers in their cabins and participating in all the activities with them.  It also requires you being at training and pre-camp set up prior to camp.  Please consider becoming a M.A.S.H. Couselor.  Truly, camp could not and would not happen without you!  I promise that if you make the choice to be a counselor that you will have an incredible experience.

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Junior Counselors
2024 Forms
Counselor Packing List

In the summer of 2013, we integrated a Junior Counselor program.  The following summer of 2014, we expanded that program.  This program is designed to help tranistion graduating campers/C.I.T.'s into the role of counselor and to give them a more defined break from being a camper to being a part of the staff team.  It also allows any of our counselor applicants who might have medical reasons that might make being a full counselor a bit too hard to have an opportunity to serve and lead in this unique and important role during our camp week.  Additionally, being a Junior Counselor provides additional experience for younger counselor applicants (i.e. age 18 and/or 19) before they take on the role of being a full counselor.  We are very excited about this program.  Each year this will continue to evolve and expand as we strive to help our campers and counselors develop their leadership skills and experiences.  Please consider joining our team if you meet this criteria.  Contact Michael Schultz, Camp Director with any questions.  We want you to be set up to succeed this summer.

Daily Volunteers

Do you want to get involved but can't commit to being a counselor? Need service hours for school?  Well, we have a variety of needs for folks who can help us for either an hour, a half day, one day, multiple days, or all week.  Everything from kitchen duty and serving, to arts and crafts helpers, to clean up crews, and runners. There are a variety of tasks that we can use help with and a variety of ways you can be involved with our camp and our campers.  Want to help but don't feel like you are good with kids?  That is fine.  We have lots of jobs to folks who just want to serve and provide opportunities for our campers to have fun.  Please contact us for ways you might could volunteer and help.   Thank you in advance for volunteering to help us give our campers the best week of the year!


We realize that there are lots of folks who can't give a lot of time, but who support Camp M.A.S.H. and our partners in other ways.  We are happy to host these folks for short visits to see what we are doing and what all is involved in camp.  Additionally, we know from time to time other folks might want to learn about camp and how they might could get involved.  Maybe you have a potential camper and want to see what camp would be like for them.  Maybe you want to learn more about Juvenille Arthritis and how you might could help.  Please contact us to request a visit and for more information.  ALL VISITORS MUST BE PRE-APPROVED BY THE CAMP DIRECTOR PRIOR TO VISITING CAMP!

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