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The links to the right will provide you with all the forms you need to register your camper for Camp M.A.S.H.  Please read the information below to understand the process and to make sure you follow all the steps necessary so your camper will have the best chance possible to be accepted to camp this summer.

Files to Download


Step 1:

You will need to get a full, 2020 Camper Application Packet to begin the process of registering your child for Camp M.A.S.H.  The link for this is found above.  If you have trouble or need one sent to you, please contact us.


Please make sure you fill out all the sections of the application completely and to the best of your knowledge.  All the information requested on the application and the other forms in the packet is needed by camp staff.

Once you have completed the entire application packet, you will need to get it to us ASAP.

  • Mail:

Camp M.A.S.H.

Attn: Michael Schultz - Director

7171 Cottage Hill Rd

Mobile, AL 36695

Attn: Camp MASH Director

  • Deliver:  If you are close to the Camp MASH office or one of our camp partners, you can deliver it there. NOTE: Make sure you hand it directly to someone yourself because it MUST get to the Camp MASH Director in order to be considered recieved.


Step 2:

Once we have recieved your application packet, we will let you know ASAP where you are in the application process.  Typically you will be contacted within two weeks of recieving your application.  This is most commonly done via Email.  (PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE CHECKING THE EMAIL YOU PROVIDED US REGULARLY)  


If your child is accepted to camp, you will recieve a 2020 Camper Confirmation Packet.  This will be your notice that your camper is attending Camp M.A.S.H.  If you do not recieve this confirmation notification, then your camper will be put on the waiting list.  We will notify you if this is the case and try to let you know your chances of attending camp this summer.  If we can, we will provide you information on alternative camps for your child if they are available.  Please note, we will do everything we can to accomodate every child that we can.  But our space is limited so please get your application in early and watch email for confirmation and respond to that confirmation as soon as possible.


NOTE: You are welcome to contact us anytime to see where you are in the process, particularly if you are concerned if we have recieved your application or not.


Step 3:
Pre-Camp Contact

Once you have recieved your confirmation packet and sent the forms back to us from it as well, your camper is all signed up for Camp M.A.S.H.  However, in the weeks leading up to camp, we will continue to send out to you, typically via email, some final information to make sure you and your camper are all ready for camp.  These might include things like:


  • Additional what to bring items

  • Check-in reminders

  • Paperwork follow up

  • Medical questions

  • Any last minute changes to schedule


Additionally, we ask that you please keep us informed if there is any new information about your camper (i.e. medical changes, flares, transportation changes, etc.) or if your plans change and your camper can no longer attend.  That way we can allow someone on the waiting list a spot as soon as it might be available.  It is very important to us that we are able to provide as many families as possible with this opportunity.  So if you and your camper decide you can't attend or if something comes up, please let us know.

Camper Registration Process

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