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About Us

Camp M.A.S.H. is a week-long recreational program for children ages 7 to 17 with a form of juvenile arthritis or a related auto-immune disease. Our camp is planned specifically for the needs of our campers in order to empower them to live life to the fullest and to build friendships with other folks who are on similar journeys with their conditions.  Camp M.A.S.H. is offered at NO COST to our families.  We have some set activities that are everyone's favorite things to do like fishing, swimming, and the ropes course, as well as horses, archery, and arts & crafts.  We have a few surprises as well.

The M.A.S.H. Mobile Mission


To provide opportunities and services that help children and families affected by arthritis and other related auto-immune diseases, find strength and connection with each other as we all work together to spread awareness, celebrate the uniqueness of our campers, their families, & their journeys, and to truly work to M.ake A.rthritis H.urting.

All activities and accomodations are fully accessible.  We have a medical staff team on site around the clock and on call the entire time campers are present.  Camp M.A.S.H. is open to children living in Alabama, Mississippi, the Florida Panhandle, and on a case by case basis, to other kids from surrounding areas and states as we have space.


We believe that every child, EVERY CHILD, deserves to have the opportunity to have a week of adventure, fun, connection, learning, and discovery.  We do everything we can to make sure that our camp week is THE BEST WEEK OF THE YEAR!


Camp M.A.S.H. is a strategic partnership between these individuals and organizations:

  • The Pilot Family

  • Camp Grace

Michael Schultz - Camp Director
Schultz Family Photo.jpeg

Michael Schultz has served as the Director of Camp M.A.S.H. Mobile since 2012 and has truly been inspired by the campers and their families.  He and his wife, Macy, have three boys, Edwin, Mills and Mack and they are also foster parents to other kids as well.  Macy gives a lot of time to organizing for camp and during the week as well and our whole family looks forward to it each year..

The First Family of Food Service
The Casselman Family
Casselman Family.jpeg

The Casselman's have been a part of Camp MASH for many, many years as parents to one of our campers.  In the Summer of 2019, they jumped on board to help volunteer to work with our food service and they continue to serve there since.  Under the guidance of our Kitchen Queen, Mrs. Tanya Crawford, and with a lot of set up by Macy Schultz and others, the Casselman's bring a true love of camp and our campers to the serving of meals and making sure everyone has snacks and water as well as being camp parents to anyone who just needs a hug!

"The Med Shed"
Medical Care Team

The "Med Shed" team make sure our campers are cared for in every way imaginable.  These nurses and doctors truly are the backbone of our camp.  They make it possible for us to provide our campers and families with the best (and healthiest/safest) week of the year.  Over the years we have had many medical folks with us, but our core group has been a true blessing to our camp.

Melissa Whatley - Program Director
Whatley Family.jpeg

Melissa Whatley has been involved with Camp M.A.S.H. Mobile since it began.  She currently serves as the Program Director and C.I.T./MASH Mob mentor and she is the Director of Camp Grace, our host facility.  Her husband, Tyler, and their sons, Ty and Tanner are very involved with our camp as well.

David & Tiffany - Program Coordinators
Program Characters 2021 1.jpeg

Tiffany Catchot and David Armstrong serve as our Program Coordinators and help us facilitate much of the fun and adventure in our camp week.  They lead us each day in meal time dances, games, and each eveing in our large all camp activities.  And throughout the day they pitch in everywhere they are needed.  Oh, and they still find time to connect with our campers and help them all to have the best week of the year.  Tiffany's husband Brandon has joined the MASH family of volunteers now as well and their son Kaiden is a camp kid now too!  Camp MASH would not be what it is without Tiffany and David!

Program Support Staff


Camp Grace Staff

Camp Grace Staff

Skeet Team

Skeet Team

Young Life - Mobile

Young Life - Mobile

Complete Safety Works-Waterfront

Complete Safety Works-Waterfront

Our Camp M.A.S.H. Team isn't complete without the help we recieve from several additional key volunteer coordinators and organizations.  The Camp Grace Staff provide us so much in all areas of camp, especially on the ropes course and archery. Jeff McCurley leads our skeet shooting each year and brings so much experience and expertise to this area for our campers.  Young Life Mobile provides us with office space and countless hours brainstorming new program ideas. Garret is our all around logistics do it all guy and Complete Safety Works supervises our waterfront!

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