The Best Week of the Year

This page will hopefully give you a glimpse into the fun and adventure of a Camp M.A.S.H. week.  Take a minute and watch this video of our most recent camp week.  Then search through the information below to help you understand why we call our camp week the "Best Week of the Year."  We hope it will help inspire you to connect with us and join the Camp M.A.S.H. Family.

What does a Camp MASH week look like?
What to Expect

Whether you are a camper or a counselor, a volunteer or a visitor, you can expect to discover that the Camp M.A.S.H. camp week is in fact, "The Best Week of the Year!"  We hope you will take time to check out some of what goes into a camp week.  But more importantly, we hope seeing these small samples will inspire you to get involved.  If you are a potential camper, please consider joining our camp family.  If you are considering being a counselor, please know it will be your favorite week of the year.  If you are thinking about volunteering or supporting in other ways, please check us out and we know you will declare with us that this is the best week of the year!

Camp Grace is our camp week home and we are thankful for them!

Camp Grace is a special place and these pictures only tell part of the story of this beautiful place and the amazing staff and owners that make this possible.

Camp Grace

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