Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out our website and learning more about Camp M.A.S.H.  The Best Week of the year will be here soon.  We would love to connect with you further, so explore the site and please contact us with any questions!


Michael Schultz 

Director - Camp M.A.S.H Mobile


MASH 2020

June 7 thru 13, 2020

The Best Week of the Year!

Camp Week 2020 Cancelled

Our 2020 Theme

This picture is made up the faces and images of our campers from Camp Week 2015!  It represents that our campers and their stories and their experiences are what make up the spirit of Camp M.A.S.H.  This collage symbolizes how connected our campers are and how it is that connection that makes our camp special.  I wish this computer screen/website version of this could relay the beauty of this picture.


Thank you for taking the time to check out our Camp M.A.S.H website.  We hope you discover the spirit of our camp as so many others have as well.

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